Coffee or ice cream shop? Have both in Gilbert

We all know that Downtown Gilbert has become the well-known place to be in the Southeast Valley, full of boutique dessert shops, wine bars, and trendy restaurants. However, while it’s been growing, other smaller pockets of this beautiful city have seen unique concepts pop up left and right.

For instance, at the unassuming northeast corner of Ray and Cooper sits Frozen Creamery, an ice cream shop that also boasts some of the best coffee in Gilbert. Take one look at their Instagram (@frozencreamerygilbert), and you’ll wonder how they’re not on the main drag with a line out the door, with ice cream flavors like sugar cookie, cookies and cream, triple chocolate, and marshmallow treat.

French toast biscotti ice cream

French Toast Biscotti ice cream. Photo courtesy Frozen Creamery Instagram.


Ice cream aficionados can also enjoy sundaes served in a cup, mixed with giant pieces of waffle cone. Flavor choices include black tie (triple chocolate + vanilla bean + hot fudge + mixed nuts + whipped cream) and caramel craze (butter pecan + salted caramel + caramel sauce + more caramel sauce + whipped cream), and new flavors and combinations are constantly in the works.

Cotton candy ice cream shake

Cotton Candy Ice Cream Shake. Photo courtesy Frozen Creamery Instagram.


Hot latte with chocolate drizzle

Hot latte with chocolate drizzle. Photo courtesy Frozen Creamery Instagram.

If you need a caffeine boost, Frozen Creamery also serves affogatos, one scoop of ice cream with one shot of espresso poured over it. Coffee lovers who want to forego the sugar can also choose from a variety of cold brews on tap, house blend coffee, and classics like an Americano or Caffe Latte.

Go for the ice cream, stay for a cup of coffee, but definitely get around to trying their frozen blends on your return visits! Shakes, floats, and ice cream lattes are all on the menu. Our favorite is undeniably the chocolate meltdown, a latte made with triple chocolate ice cream.

We’re fortunate to have so many deliciously crafted, locally owned businesses in the Southeast Valley, and this will be a favorite for years to come. Indulge your sweet tooth ASAP!

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