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Alpha & Omega Financial Group, LLC


Alpha & Omega Financial Group was started in New Mexico in the late ’90s with a vision for a different kind of financial company. After working for several years in estate planning, Bea Holman realized that many of her clients had little or no help with their other financial needs.

Bea wanted Alpha & Omega to be a different type of company. A company that focused on the client as a whole; one that looked out for clients today and then followed them throughout the remainder of their lives – from beginning to end. That’s where our name comes from – Alpha & Omega.

In 2006, Bea’s son Mike Murphy, and his wife Shauna, read an article that would change their lives. It was about a family that thought they had insured their house properly, but when a fire took it, so did the bank. Mike and Shauna knew that people needed more help than they were getting.

Expansion Into Arizona

At the same time, Bea really wanted to expand Alpha & Omega into Arizona and offer more insurance products to meet her clients’ needs. In 2008 a newly expanded Alpha & Omega was launched, serving clients in Arizona, New Mexico, and beyond.

Changing or managing your existing insurance policies isn’t a daunting process when you have all the information and help you need. We stay up-to-date on the latest insurance company practices and products, so we fully understand the scope of their business allowing us to present you with the best options for your lifestyle and your family needs. We’re dedicated to serving you personally, and our goal remains the same – to educate, plan, and protect.

What Makes Us Different

As independent insurance agents in Arizona and New Mexico, we can give you the personal attention and service you need and deserve. We work for you, not an insurance company. We ask lots of questions and carefully assess your needs.

We design a plan that works for your unique financial situation and future goals. We go to multiple carriers to find the best products for you, that deliver what you need…at the best value.

Main services offered:
Auto, Home, Business &
Life Insurance

Service Area:
All of Arizona & New Mexico

2450 S Gilbert Rd #212,
Chandler, AZ 85286

Phone: 480-792-1000

Fax: 480-792-6797

Email contacts:

Steffy Shobe - Client Relations
[email protected]

Shauna Murphy - Owner Agent
[email protected]

Mike Murphy - Owner Agent
[email protected]

Bea Holman - Agent
[email protected]

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